A glimpse into a greener, better future

Green walls in a hotel. Image by Pixabay.

Everyday we hear about a green future. But some way or another, that future seems to be constantly delayed or difficult to put into words or images. Where are the examples of the new green technologies? Concrete practices, that make us dream that the oft-mentioned win-win feature of green technologies will actually come to fruition?

In this article I have collected examples of demonstrated green technologies / products that hold considerable promise regarding reducing our footprint on our planet.

1. Sunlight Transport


Yeah, the sunlight transport seems awesome. But for some reason it hasn't yet caught on. I would like one of those in my future house.

Regarding the hydrogen, like I said, I guess we will have to test it and improve it. Early combustion engine cars were also awkward to say the least.

A 3-ingredient recipe for successful Green policymaking.

Image by Wikipedia

Before COVID-19, the mayoral candidate of New City had a vision: walk and bike only streets at the core of New City. The plan included replacing streets with tree-lined pedestrian boulevards and comfortable bicycle paths. As COVID-19 happened in early 2020, the now mayor took a swift approach to implement the plan. Soft temporary barriers, plants and benches were placed, and former car lanes were repainted and repurposed.

A few months later, the results were disappointing. Post-lockdown meant an increase in traffic which resulted in increased congestion. …

How Change Management can help us get emissions reductions back on track

Image by Pexels

“Under the Business-as-Usual Scenario, emissions of greenhouse gases will result in a global temperature increase of 0.3° per decade — greater than ever seen in the past 10,000 years. This will likely result in a global-mean temperature of about 1ºC above the present value by 2025 and 3° at the end of the century.

“Stabilizing [global temperatures] would require immediate reductions in emissions of over 60% compared with current levels.”

If you think this is the latest warning report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), about the consequences of acting too late on anthropogenic greenhouse gases you would…

João Gonçalves

I am a certified project manager passionate about the environment and fighting climate change, with a penchant for digital and urban environments.

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